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Visit of Angela Aiello, i Yellow Wine Group

Visit of Angela Aiello, i Yellow Wine Group

Ok so turns out our last winery visit was with Armando Fumanelli. More than likely you probably have not heard of this winery and to be honest I didn’t before I stepped foot on his lot either. BUT, once you taste the wine, you certainly will never forget it. Armando’s winery and vineyard was like something out an Italian wine fairy tale book (yes, I do read those and they do exist!) It was breathtaking and well, huge.  He has a polo field right on his field – and yes he is a polo player. And if you like fantastic Italian red wines you’ll appreciate that he also grows grapes for Quinterelli himself – who comes to hand-pick them each and every year. He opened a bottle of his 2003 Amarone Octavivs and our jaws dropped, it was outstanding! And to boot he gave us a bottle – but I forgot to ask him to sign it! None the less, this bottle of wine was just really F*&^N great. We enjoyed more wine with Donald and Armnado alongside some roasted chestnuts, a bottle of Ziraldo Icewine, and sardines fit for a king. What an amazing experience.

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